Oleh: ALTON CREWS event organizer  24/11/2009
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We have different Packages for OUTBOUND TRAINING. They depend on the GOAL, BUDGET, and HOTEL RESORT. We support form 25 up to 300 people.

There are many activities which can support the idea such as RAFTING, FLYING FOX, PAINTBALL, 2 LINE BRIDGE, SPIDER WEB, HUNTING, etc. Not to mention any games which take place on wide open place.
We will set all the posts to be visited by groups. Our crews will ready in each post and ready with activity or games.

We have well trained crews to support and to make sure they run SAFELY.
In the end we usually set A STAGE FOR SINGERS and let the happy ending by dancing together,
hahaha...it will be fun.

Video and photos will be ready within 2 weeks. Guarantee!

Kata kunci: Event Organizer, Jasa manajemen acara, Permainan hiburan