READYCRAFT, The Best Choice Soundproof Diesel Genset

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It's designed for weather proof with low sound level, and economical space required.
This advantages and more, make "READYCRAFT" soundproof box THE BEST CHOICE.
Standard base frame manufactured from welded steel profile (made from sheet steel) and completed with rubber mounting. The Soundproofing material is made from specially formulated polyfoam witch contains fire retardant agents, thickness 30 mm, clensity 32 kg.
Sound Level approximately 70db at 7 meters (or according to the customer specifications)

Range          : 10 kVA - 1000 kVA
Purpose       : Hospital, Restaurant, Residential, Office Building etc
Also available in Trailer for mobile purpose

Kata kunci: Diesel Genset, Generator Set, Genset, Genset Diesel, Genset Industrial

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