UPS Eropa 3 Phase - PT. Sentra Power Nusantara

UPS Eropa 3 Phase - PT. Sentra Power Nusantara dari SENTRA POWER NUSANTARA

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UPS AROS - made in Italy.
Capacity from 500VA to 800kVA

The AROS UPS range comprises of more than 14 product lines and options for powering any type of load (from information technlogy to industrial), in any type of installation (office or dedicated power room), with any type of distribution (single phase or three-phase), from any type of power source (mains or generator).

AROS UPS also offers a wide range of communications options to allow users to automatically manage their "no-break system" over any type of communication medium ( serial connection, BUS connection, telephone connection or LAN).

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PT. Sentra Power Nusantara
Perkantoran Green Ville Tahap IV Blok AW No.20
Jakarta Barat - 11510 - Indonesia.

Telp.  021 - 5698 1101 (Hunting)
Fax.   021 - 5698 1102
Email. marketing[at]

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