UPS AROS - Made in Italy - PT. Sentra Power Nusantara - Jakarta

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UPS AROS - made in Italy.

Capacity from 500VA to 6400kVA

AROS products are intended forsophisticated devices - delicateelectronic systems needingprotection - and sophisticateddevices are required to design,develop and produce them. AROSResearch Centre is at the cuttingedge when it comes to thesynthesis and analysis of coolingsystems through the use of softwarefor thermal analysis based oncomputational fluid dynamics andinfrared cameras.

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PT. Sentra Power Nusantara

Perkantoran Green Ville Blow AW No.20

Jakarta Barat - 11510 - Indonesia.

Telp. 021 - 5698 1101
Fax. 021 - 5698 1102

Email. marketing[at]

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