Trafo Isolasi 3 Phase - PT. Sentra Power Nusantara

Trafo Isolasi 3 Phase - PT. Sentra Power Nusantara dari SENTRA POWER NUSANTARA

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PT. Sentra Power Nusantara is a new division from CV.Centrado Prima which is operating as sales operation of Centrado Transformer.

Our products and sevices are :
- Transformer
- Rectifier
- Stabilizer
- Purifying oil transformer
- Repair transformer
- Commissioning
- Electrical installation

Contact Us :

PT. Sentra Power Nusantara
Perkantoran Green Ville Tahap IV Blok AW No.20
Jakarta Barat - 11510 - Indonesia.

Telp.  021 - 5698 1101 (Hunting)
Fax.   021 - 5698 1102
Email. marketing[at]

For more information please visit our official website at

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