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Oleh: PRIMO Lubricant And Chemical Maintenance  19/10/2010
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Zinc Rich Cold-GalvanizingCompound


• Long term rust & corrosionprotection with 93% pure zinc.

• Fast-drying in 15 minutes.

• Dry & smooth coating - willnot attract dirt & dust and will neither crack nor split, even when

   deliberately flexed.

• Heat resistant of up to 450°C.



Recommended for use on mostunpainted metal surfaces, new, bare or slightly rusted steel surfaces, weldedjoints, guard rails, metal chain fences, gutters, bridges, TV towers, pipes,refinery pipings, heavy equipment, damaged galvanized surfaces and wroughtiron. It is also ideal for industrial applications in automobile, structuralsteel, avia­tion, marine equipment, farm equipment, petroleum, highway work,power plants, refineries and many more manufacturing fields. The products areintended for small areas or touch-up repairs.


Packaging: Aerosol Can 400mL

Kata kunci: Pekerjaan rumah tangga, pemeliharaan, Rumah perawatan

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