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Rust & Concrete Dissolver


Dissolves rust, concrete & water crust.

• Ready to use - diluteable in water

• No later formation of rust

• Easy to use: Dip, brush or spray

• No strong odor - Fresh lemon scent

• Does not contain HCL

• The safest cleaner for all steel, iron, aluminium & zinc

• Contains corrosion inhibitor

• Will not harm metal surface



RUST BUSTER is a liquid concentrate to dissolve rust, corrosion, concrete & water crust. It also functions as a metal conditioner & cleaner. It is formulated spe­cially for cleaning metal from rust, concrete and water crust while forming a film coating to protect the metal against later formation of rust and preparing the metal surface for painting.


Directions for Use on Rusted Metal

1. Remove dust with a soft wire brush.

2. RUST BUSTER can be used with: dipping, brushing or spraying methods.

3. Let the liquid stand for about 10-15 minutes, depending on the severity of rust on the surface. Use brush if necessary.

4. Flush with warm water after cleaning. Repeat process if rust persists.


Directions for Use on Items Stained with Concrete

1. Apply directly to the area to be cleaned with a brush or pump-up type sprayer. THE SURFACE OF THE CONCRETE AREA TO BE CLEANED MUST BE THOROUGHLY COVERED BY RUST BUSTER.

2. Allow the liquid to remain on the concrete until the cement matrix becomes soft to touch. The minimum recommended time is 20 minutes but treated concrete may be left to react overnight. The product will continue to attack the cement matrix even after the foaming action has subsided

3. After the concrete has softened, apply an additional coat of RUST BUSTER and allow this to remain on the surface for approximately 10 minutes.

4. Remove concrete with a scraper. If additional concrete remains, subsequent applications may be necessary. The final application may be removed by power washing. Concrete buildups of 1/4” (6 mm) or more will require multiple applications.

5. If treated concrete sets overnight, apply additional RUST BUSTER the next morning to re-soften the concrete. Leave the fresh applica­tion for 10 to 15 minutes then remove the softened concrete as stated above. Clean tools and equipment with soap and water after use.


Packaging: Pail 25 L & 5 L, Bottle 1 L.

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