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Oleh: PRIMO Lubricant And Chemical Maintenance  19/10/2010
Kata kunci: Air freshener


Health air freshener for usewith an automatic dispenser*:

• Neutralizes odor, including the smell of cigarette smoke

• Extensive range of Health Aromatherapy Essential Oils

• Makes any room healthy, fragrant and refreshing

*) Can also be used manually to neutralize bad odor.

REFRESH Matic will not only bring fragrance to the air but also makes air healthy & odor-free with up to 3,400 metered sprays in the room, toilet, kitchen, car, café, restaurant, office, hotel, hospital, shopping center, etc.


How to use:

1. Insert can into Automatic Air Freshener dispenser.

2. Set timer to desirable interval. It is recommended to place the automatic air freshener dispenser around 2.2 m above the ground.


Scents available:

Relaxing Green Tea, Soothing Sea Breeze, Soothing Floral & Energizing Lemon.


Packaging: Aerosol Can 320 mL & 300 mL

Kata kunci: Air freshener

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