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Multi-FunctionCleaner with MAGIC FOAM

with disinfectant that kills 99.9% of Germs* + ODORAbsorber.

* Independent lab test result

Suitable for dirty surfaces and on long-abandoned toughstains.

Effectively eliminates smell from bacteria, spilleddrinks/food.



On various types of surfaces: metal, wood, leather, vinyl,fiber glass/plastic, porcelain, ceramic, carpet.

Examples inside cars: dashboards, sound system panels,indoor air-conditioners, steering wheels, seats, ceilings, carpets and woodsurfaces.

Examples in homes: computers/TV's/sound system casings,indoor AC's (including AC blowers), cupboards, windows, tables, chairs,leather/vinyl seats, bathrooms and also carpets.


Instructions for use:

Note: Try first by spraying into hidden areas and if thecolor changes, do not use!

1. Shake before use.

2. Spray 15-20 cm from the surface to be cleaned. Leave foamfor 30-60 seconds for the magic foam to work.

3. For electronic casings, DO NOT spray directly on thesurface but spray it onto a clean cloth/sponge.

4. Rub area with damp cloth or sponge then wipe surface withdry cloth.

5. For maximum protection, treat surface with FURNI-SHINEafter the cleaning process with SNOWY CLEANER.


Packaging: 500 mlAerosol Can

PRIMOis the registered trade mark property of JC Group Companies (Taiwan, USA,China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia).


PRIMO Autocare & Homecare presentsa series of care & cleaner products designed to fulfill latest premiumquality US & European technology standard with the most easy &efficient usage.

PRIMO Autocare & Homecare products fulfill thestandard of Indonesia Department of Health with proper certification androutinely performs quality control and imĀ­provement in cooperation withaccredited laboratories, departments and universities with concerns in healthand environment.


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