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An alkaline foaming oven cleaner inaerosol can (easy for use) for cleaning warm and cold ovens, grills, stove,burners, rotisseries, cookware.

Designed with powerful cleaningaction for cleaning Stainless Steel ovens, oven win­dows, oven racks, broilerpans and non-Aluminum barbeque grills.

It effectively softens hard, blackgrime and removes tough back-on grease.

Easy for Use - Spray on and wipeoff, or use as an overnight soak.


• High foaming liquid! Clings tooven walls.

• Ultra Concentrated Formula!Powerful cleaning action.

• Works on ceramic & stainlesssteel surfaces.

• Safe for most porcelain &glass cookware.


How to use:

1. Shake can well before and duringuse.

2. Place a newspaper under the ovendoor to protect the floor. Put paper towels between bottom of oven and ovendoor to prevent drips. Keep spray drippings away from pilot lights, electricalconnections, switches, receptacles, thermostats, elements, light bulbs &other surfaces that may be harmed.

3. Remove oven racks and cleanseparately.

4. For fast cleaning process,preheat oven for temperature not higher than 80°C then turn off.

5. Hold can 15-20 cm from surfaceand spray area until it is covered with white foam. Let foam work for 5-10minutes.

6. Wipe surface with wet cloth orsponge. Repeat the process for tough heavy dirt.

7. Rinse all tools with plenty ofwater until the their surfaces are not slippery anymore (neutral­ized) beforeuse/storage.

WARNING! High cleaning power. Notfor cleaning wood, rubber or painted surfaces.

Keep out of reach of children.Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of eye contact, flush thor­oughlywith plenty of water and get medical attention. Wash hands thoroughly afteruse.


Packaging: Aerosol Can 500mL

PRIMOis the registered trade mark property of JC Group Companies (Taiwan, USA,China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia).


PRIMO Autocare & Homecare presentsa series of care & cleaner products designed to fulfill latest premiumquality US & European technology standard with the most easy &efficient usage.

PRIMO Autocare & Homecare products fulfill thestandard of Indonesia Department of Health with proper certification androutinely performs quality control and im­provement in cooperation withaccredited laboratories, departments and universities with concerns in healthand environment.


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