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Oleh: PRIMO Lubricant And Chemical Maintenance  19/10/2010
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Strong solvent cleaner

Easily evaporates without residue.

Safe with multi-functions.

Chlorine & CFC Free! EnvironmentallyFriendly!



Intended for removing dirt, flux,oil, grease and other contami­nants from precision equipment, vending machines,slot ma­chines and electronic equipment that helps prevent contact fail­ure ormalfunction by dissolving and rinsing away contaminants.

Multi-uses for: circuit breaker,circuit board, contactor, labora­torial equipment, computer equipment, tape,radio, video head, copiers, cash register, electric motor, telecommunicationequipment, etc.


How to use:

1. Spray liberally on surfaces tobe cleaned, allow running off. Use extension tube for inpoint cleaning.

2. Use an abrasive on surfaces forheavy carbon deposits or heavy rust residue; use the product with intermittentspray before reactivating system.

3. Periodic planned maintenancewill prolong the life of the component and help eliminate deposits that cancause leakage. Use resistance measurements to determine frequency orapplication.

4. Not recommended to be used whilethe equipment is running.


Packaging: Aerosol can 270mL, 150 mL & 100 mL.


PRIMOis the registered trade mark property of JC Group Companies (Taiwan, USA,China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia).


PRIMO Autocare & Homecare presentsa series of care & cleaner products designed to fulfill latest premiumquality US & European technology standard with the most easy &efficient usage.

PRIMO Autocare & Homecare products fulfill thestandard of Indonesia Department of Health with proper certification androutinely performs quality control and im­provement in cooperation withaccredited laboratories, departments and universities with concerns in healthand environment.


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