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Oleh: PRIMO Lubricant And Chemical Maintenance  19/10/2010
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The Most Advanced Nitroparaffinic Racing Formula

Complete Fuel Booster & Conditioner - Add to Gasoline & Diesel Fuel


• Improves power (Hp)

• Saves 15-20% fuel.* (*Independent lab test results)

   More concentrated fuel burned - Increases perfect combustion

• Increases octane while reducing the need for high octane fuel

• Reduces harmful hydrocarbon emissions up to 60%* (*Independent lab test results)

• Cleaning formula within engine system

• Reduces black smoke in diesel engines

• Extends durability of engine & fuel system

• Safe for engine system*

* Does not contain metal octane booster MMT (= Methyl Cyclopentadienyl Manganese Tri­carbonyl) that causes emission issues and can damage new cars equipped with OBD-II, with Oxygen Sensor and Catalytic Converter.


How to use:

GASOLINE: Add 1 bottle (500 ml) for 60 to 120 L

DIESEL FUEL: Add 1 bottle (500 ml) for 120 to 500 L


Packaging: Bottle Can 500 mL, 100 mL

Kata kunci: Bahan bakar aditif, Otomotif, pemeliharaan

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