ENGINE & PART CLEANER dari PRIMO Lubricant And Chemical Maintenance

Oleh: PRIMO Lubricant And Chemical Maintenance  19/10/2010
Kata kunci: Motor, Otomotif, pemeliharaan

Engine surface & spare part cleaner


• Safer for plastics, rubber & seals than any other solvent.

• Fast evaporation without residue.

• Dissolves oily dirt, grease, oil, varnish, crust, carbon, dust, glue, etc.

• Does not contain chlorine. CFC-Free - Ozone friendly

• Easy for use in aerosol can packaging.


How to use:

1. Shake before use

2. Use with or without extension tube & spray directly to engine parts

3. Repeat application as necessary until all surfaces are lubricated

4. Repeat application periodically for routine maintenance


Packaging: 500 ml Aerosol Can

Kata kunci: Lubricant Oil, Motor, Otomotif, pemeliharaan, Perawatan mobil

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