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Oleh: PRIMO Lubricant And Chemical Maintenance  19/10/2010
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Super Anti-Rust + Wax


• Protection formula for battery poles & cables from the danger of humidity, corrosion, rust & oxidation that inhibit battery & cable electric conducting performance. Extends battery life.


• Extra ordinary protection against rust and is 3-5x more durable than similar products, with unique elastic wax, which inhibits water and moisture, and does not dry easily.


• Also used as an anti-rust protection for cable & spare parts during storage or shipment in order to keep them from the danger of corrosion & rust. Battery Protector can be easily cleaned off with solvents (kerosene, gasoline) or with detergents for dissolving oil/fat.


How to use:

1. Clean battery poles from crust, rust & other dirt with Primo's LUBE 10, with brushing if needed.

2. Spray battery poles & bare cables evenly.

3. Leave for a moment for the layer of wax to form to cover the battery poles.


Packaging: Aerosol Can 400 mL

Kata kunci: Otomotif, pemeliharaan

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