Oleh: PRIMO Home Care  09/09/2009
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Multipurpose super cleaner with magic foam + odor absorber + disinfectant (Kills 99.9% germs).

Suitable for tough stains and long neglected surfaces.

For various metal, wood, leather, vinyl, fiber, porcelain, ceramic, carpet surfaces including: computer/TV/printer/sound system/indoor AC (aluminum AC grill) casings, closets, windows, tables, chairs, leather/vinyl upholsteries, bathroom areas and carpets.  Effectively eliminates odor caused by bacteria and drink/food spills.

Notes :

-          Polish with LEATHER SHINE (for leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber) or FURNITURE POLISH (for wooden materials) containing brightener, anti-static, wax and polymer after using SNOWY CLEANER.

-          Further routine maintenance or for not-so-tough soils LEATHER SHINE / FURNITURE POLISH will be sufficient.

Direction for use :

1.            Shake can before and during use.

2.            Test for color changes. For leather, vinyl, carpet or materials sensitive to color changes, spray small amount on hidden area and wipe off with clean white cloth. If color is faded, do not use it.

3.            Spray evenly from 15-20 cm distance until foam covers whole surface. Let foam works for 1 – 3 minutes

4.            Scrub stain with sponge or damp cloth.

5.            Repeat until clean and leave surface to dry before it’s used.

Packaging: Aerosol Can 500 mL

Kata kunci: Pekerjaan rumah tangga, polisher