Oleh: PRIMO Home Care  09/09/2009
Kata kunci: Metal, Deterjen, polisher


New Formula + Scrubbing Agent

SUPER FAST & POWERFUL, removes tough stains due to water scales, oxidation & rust.

Metal and glass stained with fungus/water scales become clean & shiny like new.

Use on hard non-porous surface including stainless steel, chrome, nickel, copper, brass, bronze, ceramic, porcelain such as bathtubs, bathroom fixtures, kitchens, exhausts, sinks, toilet bowls, faucets, door handles, stairs, frames, gates, etc.

·         Protective coat for easier to clean adhered soils and stains.

·         Safer and fragrant, different with other strong odorous solvent based products.

Direction for use :

1.    Work surface part by part, do not work on wide surface at a time to prevent drying.

2.    Pour directly on material or damp & clean cloth then wipe evenly to whole surface.

3.    Wipe slowly with circling movement until all stains removed by Metal Polish tiny beads.

4.    Wipe with clean & dry cloth by scrubbing movement until whole surface sparkling & shiny.

CAUTION : DO NOT use on painted surface, paint can be damaged/removed.

Packaging: Bottle : 320 gr, Jar = 250 gr


Kata kunci: Deterjen, Metal, Pekerjaan rumah tangga, polisher