GARNET SAND - MESH dari Prima Blasting

Oleh: Prima Blasting  30/11/2012
Kata kunci: BLASTING, garnet sand, Blasting Room

Garnet is a cost effective, environmentally and operator friendly. Alternative to silica sands and minerals slag and will provide a class Sa3 white metal finish. Garnet particles a dense, hard and sharp and free of heavy metals or toxic components. The low friability of garnet permits recycling up to 8 times and the relitively high density ensures fast blasting speeds. Garnet is devived from hard rock and is absolutely inert and non-toxic. It is extremely and does not contaminate the Surface of stainless steel or non-ferrous materials.The angular shape gives a fast cutting action and had a long life span. Open Blasting with garnet does not pose health hazards like siliconsis. Unlike open blasting with silica sand.

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