081362449440 Jual Partech 740 Portable Suspended Solids Monitoring / PSS

081362449440 Jual Partech 740 Portable Suspended Solids Monitoring / PSS dari PD. BINTANG INSTRUMENT

Oleh: PD. BINTANG INSTRUMENT  26/04/2012
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Partech 740 Portable Suspended Solids Monitoring Specifications : Physical Weight Monitor: 0.5 kg Sensor: 0.6 kg ( inc 5 metres of cable) Dimensions ( hxwxd) Monitor: 224 x 106 x 39 mm Sensor: 45 mm Diameter, 155 mm long Enclosure Rating Electronics IP65, Sensor IP68 Enclosure Material Monitor: ABS Sensor: Black Acetal Co-Polymer Cable Entries Plug for Sensor and Charger Cable Size 5 mm OD Cable Length 5 metres standard, 100 metres maximum Environmental Data Operating Temperature Monitor -20 to 60º C, Sensor 0-60º C Storage Temperature -20 to 60º C Location Portable Power Supply Battery Rechargeble Charger 90-264 VAC, UK, EU and US plug style available Optional Car Charger available Measurement Principle Principle Infrared Light Attnenuation Wavelength 880 nm Measurement Characteristics Response Time 0.5 seconds, damping configurable in monitor Accuracy + / - 5% FSD on real sample Repeatability + / - 1% FSD on real sample Pressure Rating 10 mWC Maximum Range 0-20, 000 mg/ l Minimum Range 0-50 mg/ l User Interface Display Graphical Display providing 4 1/ 2 Digits with 2 message lines Setup via 6 button keypad Units of Measurement mg/ l, g/ l, ppm, NTU, FTU, % SS

Kata kunci: Lab tester, laboratorium, lingkungan,