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Optibelt Service Kit. Optibelt Service Kit terdiri dari: * Optibelt service Box * Optibelt Laser Pointer * Optibelt tension notebox * Optibelt TT mini S Optibelt Service Tools Economic situations are now demanding that belt drives be properly installed and maintained to ensure that all available cost savings are realized. Large energy savings can be realized as well as time! All these costs are not usually associated to belt installations or the belt drives themselves; however using the proper belt effectively ensures a cost savings many times the cost of the individual drive components! The total drive cost or cost of ownership has to be understood in order to evaluate the savings realized by Optibelt products and the service tools we make available to the market. The implementation of cost/ energy reductions can take place easily and quickly with our technical devices. These devices are easy to use and operate. The wide range of tools has been expanded with a new offering that encompasses all installation and maintenance requirements in one kit! This economically priced SERVICE KIT contains a variety of technical devices that optimize the effi ciency and operation of existing drives as well ensuring the proper initial installation on new equipment. The SERVICE KIT contains the following aids: • Optibelt Service-Box: a selection of useful aids for quick help on site • Optibelt laser pointer II: for correct pulley alignment • Optibelt Tension Notebox: for the durable documentation of the tension values on the respective drive • Optibelt TT mini S frequency tension tester: for the simple measurement of ideal belt tension When dealing with V-belts and ribbed belts, a level of tension that is too low results in unnecessary slipping of the belts, an issue that is diffi cult to notice and is rarely realized. This additional friction leads to increased energy consumption, and decreased belt life. The friction ages and hardens the belt resulting in mechanical effi ciency losses that result in energy costs being realized that could easily be eliminated. In addition the reduction in belt life extends more costs by shutting down equipment more often to maintain and replace belt components. Not to mention the opportunity costs of working on these drives instead of something else. A level of tension that is too high leads to an increased bearing and shaft loads which can damage other components of the equipment. Also it can apply a distortion of the belt composition that is undesirable. When dealing with timing belts, the teeth may not engage cleanly with a low or a high tension value being introduced. It is easy to avoid these issues with the tools provided in the service-box. optibelt Service-Box optibelt SERVICE KIT optibelt laser pointer II ... with a fl exible swan neck for effortless measurements at diffi cult-to-reach places The Optibelt TT mini S frequency tension tester is an appliance that is used to check the tension of drive belts by means of measuring frequency. Thanks to its compact design, this tension tester offers universal application possibilities for drives in machine construction, in the automotive industry and many other application areas. The Optibelt TT mini S can even be used in diffi cult-to-reach places. V-belts, ribbed belts and timing belts can be simply and quickly reached in order to check their tension values. The Optibelt TT mini S offers more advantages with its Hertz [ Hz] display, large measuring range from 10-600 Hz, simple and repeat measurement accuracy, small and compact construction ( size of a mobile telephone) , automatic switch-off function, plant calibration and CE approval.

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