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Oleh: PD. BINTANG INSTRUMENT  24/04/2012
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Specifications For best performance, your instrument should be placed where there is ample work space with medium or subdued illumination and no drafts. For optimum results, a clean, air-conditioned area is recommended with a relative noncondensing humidity of 20-80% [ 10-90% for sensor only] and relatively constant temperature not exceeding 90° F ( 32° C) [ 104° F ( 40° C) for sensor only] . For specification performance, the recommended temperature range is 70-82° F ( 21-28° C) . The instrument should be connected to a stable, instrument-grade power line. If other equipment is connected to the same power line, a transient power surge may be produced when the other equipment is turned on. If this happens, restandardize the instrument before making measurements. HunterLab recommends using a line conditioner with a minimum 600 VA rating and a battery back-up system. Physical Characteristics Length - 14.5 inches ( 36.9 cm) Width - 7.5 inches ( 19.1 cm) Height - 12.0 inches ( 30.5 cm) Weight - 23 lbs ( 10.4 kg) Computer system - depends upon system selected. Refer to manufacturer' s documentation for information. Environmental Requirements Operating temperature: 10 - 40° C ( 50 - 104° F) Storage temperature: -21 - 66° C ( -5 - 150° F) Operating humidity ( relative, non-condensing) : 10 - 90% Power Required Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 47/ 63 Hz. * ( See note on page 22-19.) Single Phase. 180 VA maximum. Fuse: 1.4A, SB. Installation Category ( Over Voltage) : II. 04/ 02 LabScan XE 22-17 Power Cord Wire Color Code: Color Definition 220V Cord Brown LINE Blue NEUTRAL Green/ Yellow SAFETY 110V Cord Black LINE White NEUTRAL Green SAFETY Instrument-Computer Ground Potential Check: Perform this check if the power cord wiring is being changed, such as for replacement of the cord or if changing the plug. The instrument serial port ground connection is referenced to the instrument' s internal frame and safety ground. Before connecting the communication cable to the instrument serial port, apply power to the instrument and the host computer. Check the ground potential ( voltage) between the serial port ground pins on the computer and the instrument. The ground connection is pin 5 on DB-9 connectors and pin 7 on DB-25 connectors. Voltages in excess of 5VAC at 110V input power, or in excess of 10VAC at 220V input power may indicate a difference in ground wiring and can damage the instrument and/ or the computer. Check the wiring and take other steps as needed to reduce this difference before connecting the communications cable. You may also use a data optoisolator.

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