081362449440 Jual Digital Colony Counter Type HYC-560

081362449440 Jual Digital Colony Counter Type HYC-560 dari PD. BINTANG INSTRUMENT

Oleh: PD. BINTANG INSTRUMENT  24/04/2012
Kata kunci: laboratorium, Lab tester

Digital Coloni Counter Model : HYC-560 Spesification : * Display type : 4 Digital LED Display Petri dish holder * Accepts 100mm dish ( removable) 150mm ( fixed) * Zero reset button : Yes * Illumination : Fluorescent lamp * Dimensions : ( WxDxH, mm) 310x290x100 * Mode of Counting : -) Manual push button counting -) Needle-point probing -) Marking pen probing * Electric Requirements : 220VAC. 50/ 60Hz * Standard accessories : -) Magnifier 5” 1ea -) Stainless Needle point pen 1ea Power cord 1ea -) Making pen probe 1ea FEATURES : By using of button and a marking pen, 2 counter mode are possible. This unit main power is 220V. Easy to read 4 digits LED digital display Buzzer sounds every counting. A marking pen is usable for user s convenience. Wider view of 125 mm wide lens. Bacteria can be counted by picking with stainless needle point pen.

Kata kunci: Lab tester, laboratorium,