081362449440 Jual Calori Meter System C 2000

081362449440 Jual Calori Meter System C 2000 dari PD. BINTANG INSTRUMENT

Oleh: PD. BINTANG INSTRUMENT  25/04/2012
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Calorimeter Model C2000 C2000 basic, C2000 Control and C2000 High Pressure The C2000 basic and C2000 control calorimeters are the newest systems for determining gross calorific values of liquid and solid samples. A high level of automation with extremely handling characterizes these instruments. In addition to the isoperibolic measurement procedure ( static jacket) , a dynamic ( reduced-time) working method is also available. Halogen resistant decomposition vessels of the C5012 series for quantitative decomposition of sulfur and halogens in parallel to determining gross calorific values are available. To provide the calorimeters with cooling water, they need to be connected to a thermostat like the KV500 or a firmly installed water connection. The C2000 control is delivered with the proven C5040 Cal/ Win calorimeter software in order to control the system via PC. Network connection and special configuration for data exchange with LIMS can be implemented at any time. The C2000 high pressure calorimeter is a combination of the C2000 basic and the decompostion vessel C62. FEATURES Automatic water handling system includes tempering, filling and emptying of calorimeter inner vessel Automatic oxygen filling of decomposition vessel Automatic decomposition vessel identification Validation according to DIN 51900, ASTM 240D, ISO 1928, BSI etc. Working methods: Isoperibol ( measuring time approx. 22 min) Dynamic ( measuring time approx. 7 min) Compact, integrated modular design for convenient operation Interface connections for each of the following: scale, printer, PC, monitor and sample rack C 5020, including LIMS integration CalWin software for controlling the calorimeter and administration of measuring data Special halogen resistent vessel for quantitative decomposition of halogens and sulfur C 14 Combustible crucible available, for aiding samples with low combustibility

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