081362449440 Jual Brightness and color meter tester 68 - 50 ( Alat ukur tingkat kecerahan warna )

081362449440 Jual Brightness and color meter tester 68 - 50 ( Alat ukur tingkat kecerahan warna ) dari PD. BINTANG INSTRUMENT

Oleh: PD. BINTANG INSTRUMENT  24/04/2012
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Laboratory grade reflectance colorimeter 68-50. The model 68-50 Brightness & Color Meter makes measurement of brightness, color and opacity affordable in Production and QC applications. The Brightness & Color Meter measures color, color purity, degree of yellowness, degree of whiteness, color matching and color fastness. The TMI Brightness and Color Meter operates in accordance with CIE Publication No. 15.2 " Standard of Colourimetry" and was designed to meet ISO, ASTM, TAPPI and other International Standards. APPLICATIONS Applications of the instrument include paper, pulp, packaging, nonwoven, textile dyeing and printing, color printing, construction materials and ceramics, chemicals, paints, medicines, food, recycled pulp products and mineral industries. FEATURES - Large alpha-numeric display - Single-button simplicity of operation - RS-232 data output - Stores up to 99 readings; auto-calculates mean value - Built-in Printer SPECIFICATIONS - CIE 1931 ( 2 degrees) - CIE 1964 ( 10 degrees) - ISO 2469, 2470, 2471 - ISO 5631.1 - ISO 9416 - Tristimulus values: < 1.00 - Chromaticity coordinates: < 0.0100 - Xenon lamp provides diffused illumination in 30mm window in 150mm dia integrating sphere - Illumination observation condition: Illumination d/ o according to ISO 2469 is adopted, i.e. integrating sphere ( 150mm in diameter) diffused illumination on sample with vertical reception. - Color measurement standard: Tristimulus values, CIE 1964/ 10° and CIE 1931/ 2° standard observer. - Light source for colour measurement: Pulsed xenon lamp to simulate illuminant D65 and C, instantaneous illumination on sample with UV regulator. - Measurement port: 30mm in diameter. More specifications... More specifications... Request Documentation Request a Quote Where to buy this product ? Manufacturer' s contact details

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