081362449440 JUAL AUTOMATIC COLONY COUNTER - Interscience Scan 1200

081362449440 JUAL AUTOMATIC COLONY COUNTER - Interscience Scan 1200 dari PD. BINTANG INSTRUMENT

Oleh: PD. BINTANG INSTRUMENT  24/04/2012
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AUTOMATIC COLONY COUNTER MODEL Scan 1200 The Scan 1200 are high-tech automatic color colony counters designed to count colonies on Petri dishes as well as various media. They enable automatic separation of clustered colonies, ignore impurities and air-bubbles and count colonies of different sizes. They guarantee the highest precision, excellent reproducibility and automatic saving of images and results. Specification : Lighting by life-time lasting LEDs Opticel glass high resolution camera Firewire CCD color camera ( 1280 x 960 pixels) , zoom x28 Include : - 1 unit PC - Adapter for Petrifilm - Adapter for Rida Count / Sanita-Kun - Adapter for Compact Dry - Adapter for 55 mm dishes Model : SCAN 1200 Minimum size detected : < 0.05 mm Resolution : 1280x960 Power : 220/ 110V - 50/ 60Hz Dimensions : 27 x 27 x 38 cm Weight : 8.7 kg Applications/ advantages: The Scan 1200 are a high resolution automatic colony counters. * Spiral, spread and pour plated Petri dishes * Inhibition zones * Petrifilm, RIDA Count/ Sanita-kun * filtering membrane * Compact Dry * Food microbiology, pharmaceutical, medical, environmental * Automatic counting of: poured plates, spread plates and Spiral plates * counts up to 7 colors on the same plate * LIMS connection and bar-code reader * 1 click = 1 counting * high resolution color CCD camera ( 1280x960 pixels) * The brightness, contrast and sensitivity are automatically managed by the software * Custom settings with only one cursor adaptable to any agar * Automatic separation of confluent colonies * no training required * one window to access all functions Common Specifications of SCAN 500 / 1200 colony counters PC Connection Firewire PCI Illumination Automatically adapts to all kinds of agar ( chromgenic) Read spiralm spread and pour plates, inhibition zones. Long life upper and lower LED arrays with dark field and bright field 6 combinations of illumination and background color Polygonal exclusion zones. Single window access to all funtions Power Input 110/ 240 Volts PC Requirements 300 MHz Pentium lll, 128 MB RAM, 100MB available on hard disk, CD ROM, 2 x USB ports, 1024 x 768 24 bit true color graphics display, Windows XP Exclusion area Polygonal shape and zoom Detection Point and click or automatic counting

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