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7-gas-detector ( Model: Microtector II G460) With performance test approval 7-Gas detector This light and robust gas detector is the development of the proven Microtector II G450. The key features are retained � smart, interchangeable sensor technology, low cost of ownership - but extra functionality is now added. The Microtector II G460 measures up to 7 gases simultaneously in ambient air for increased workplace safety. The sensor slots can be equipped individually. Different detection principles are available for optimal measuring results. The G460 is certified to EN 60079-29-1 ( combustible gas performance) EN 50104 ( oxygen) , EN 45544-1 ( toxic) and EN 45544-2 ( toxic) . Measurable gases The most common sensors detect O2, H2S, CO, CO2 and combustible gases. Additional sensors are available for NH3, HCl, PH3, HCN, NO, NO2, SO2 and a variety of other gases. CO2 � reliable infrared measurement For increasing the user� s safety, the Microtector II G460 detects carbon dioxide by means of a selective infrared sensor ( NDIR) . This sensor provides long-term stable detection values. Unlike electrochemical sensors, IR technology is not subject to cross sensitivity from toxic hydrogen sulphide. The Microtector II G460 is the smallest detector world-wide which can be equipped with both an infrared sensor and a PID. Monitoring for toxic volatile organic compounds ( VOC) Photoionization detector ( PID) equipped instruments are increasingly viewed as the best choice for measurement of VOCs at exposure limit concentrations. Familiar substances containing VOCs include solvents, paint thinner and nail polish remover, as well as the vapors associated with fuels such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil, kerosene and jet fuel. The category also includes many specific toxic substances such as benzene, butadiene, hexane, toluene, xylene, and many others. Most VOC vapors are flammable at surprisingly low concentrations. For most VOCs, however, the toxic exposure limit is exceeded long before readings reach a concentration high enough to trigger a combustible range alarm. Additional functions of the Microtector II G460 * IR-Sensor ( CO2) for long-term stable detection values * Poison resistant CO2 sensor * PID for monitoring toxic volatile organic compounds ( VOC) * Smart senso technology for adaption and easy replacement Datalogger ( optional) The loop data logger records gas concentrations and alarms over a period ofup to 50 hours. This data can be transferred to a PC to be displayed and evaluated. The data logger has a storage capacity of 1800 measuring points per gas. Storing intervals and mode ( average, peak, instantaneous values) are programmable individually. Attachable motorized pump ( optional) Inaccessible areas, like tanks and containers, can contain lethal gas mixtures. With the G400-MP2 an attachable high-performance pump is available that can sample the gas from up to 100 metres away. The pump and tube is attached easily and has its own power supply does not affect the operational time of the instrument. Either a rechargeable NiMH battery pack or alkaline batteries are available. Power supply options Power supply is provided by either a rechargeable NiMH battery pack or Alkaline batteries. Depending on alarm frequency and alarm duration the operational time is up to 30 hours. A NiMH battery pack with Ex-proof LEDs allow a built-in torch option. The NiMH batteries can be fully recharged with the drop-in charger. Additional charging options are smart charger cap, dockingstation or vehicle charger. Carrying possibilities ( optional) The light detector can be securely fastened at the user� s clothing with a durable crocodile clip. A belt clip is also available. The reversible display allows easy reading by the user. Comprehensive accessories Various options allow individual adaptation to personal requirements. A number of accessories make the Microtector II G460 a complete, useful instrument in everyday work with combustible and toxic gases. Dockingstation DS400 The innovative Dockingstation DS400 is a complete device management system, that offers the user reduced cost and time for performing functional tests ( Bump tests) , calibration and documentation. The DS400 is compact, portable and does not require a PC to operate. When inserted into the DS400, the detector is automatically bump checked. Alarm functions are tested to ensure correct operation, in addition to sensor response. Calibration reports can be printed out from the DS400 ( via PC) . All data is recorded on a memory card, and the data transferred from the detector to the DS400. The data can then be transferred to PC via a USB cable and manipulated directly in Excel. The DS400 uses simple traffic light indicators for the user to give the detector status � green is go, red is stop. The DS400 ensures that your detectors are always ready to go, in a safe condition and at a minimum cost.

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