Jual: Truck/Mobile Crane 3 Ton for Welding Truck v.s. Flli Ferrari T Crane

Jual: Truck/Mobile Crane 3 Ton for Welding Truck v.s. Flli Ferrari T Crane dari Netway Indonesia

Oleh: Netway Indonesia  06/09/2010
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If you're usually use Crane 3 Ton for Welding Truck then Flli Ferrari T Crane is the smart solution for you. The favourite model is Flli Ferrari 350A2.

Advantage of Flli Ferrari 350A2:
*Economist for investment (Saved your budget more than 35%).
*Max. lifting capacity 2.390 kg @ 1.44 m // 925 kg @ 3.64 m. (If for lifting welding machine, the biggest one, weight around 800 kg).
*Applicable for Light Duty Trucks even for GVW 5 Ton - 4 tires.
*Optimize the space of storage.
*Increase the safety of material handling.
*Made of High Strength - Low Weight Steel.
*Simple to use.
*Simple and low cost maintenance.
*Fatique test performed by Flli Ferrari simulate 10 years of normal crane operation.

Application For:
Welding Truck, Transportation of various materials and for short transportation purpose at working site, Material Handling (Lifting tools, cable, pipe, etc.), Highway Maintenance, etc.

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