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Oleh: INTERSCALE  04/08/2010
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FUJITSU Analytical Balances offer precision weighing, high quality, extensive versatility, accurate results and dependability at affordable prices.  The FS type offers 110 grams weighing capacity and increments in 0.1mg graduations.  If you need greater weighing capacity the FS Series consistent of two additional analytical balances so be sure to see the FS-110 (110g x 0.1mg) or FS-210 (210g x 0.1mg) before you make your final selection.

No matter which model you select the FS Analytical Balance is a powerful and cost effective choice to meet your weighing needs.  This analytical balance offer value, outstanding features and state-of-the-art design, all at an affordable price and simple to use.  Whether it's weighing precious metals or measuring chemicals and liquids Series has the balance to meet your weighing needs.  Advance weighing applications include: Piece Counting, Percent Weighing, Mass unit conversion.

Usually, high performance and high tech features come at a premium price. The FUJITSU FS- Analytical Balances can easily handle anything in your lab requires, now or in the future, yet they are simple to operate and priced right. 

Confidence of quality workmanship is evidenced by the 1-year parts and labor limited factory warranty!  The FUJITSU FS Series are built in JAPAN. All FS-Series meet the highest requirements for accuracy and reliability of weighing results with versatile features.

FUJITSU Analytical balances have earned their place as the world's best. Our analytical balances have unparalleled weighing performance, ease-of-use with high technology, and comprehensive connectivity options: essentials for today's regulated environment, but also invaluable for increasing productivity and quality in every lab.


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