Terminal Telepon Satelit, BGAN Explorer 500, Satelit Inmarsat

Terminal Telepon Satelit, BGAN Explorer 500, Satelit Inmarsat dari International Technology

Oleh: International Technology  31/01/2012
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*BGAN Explore 500*

Features & specifications Features:

The Explorerâ„¢ 500 combines exceptional performance with portability. It meets the needs of the most demanding business traveller for remote, high-speed corporate network access

The terminal features simultaneous voice and data communication, high speed data transfer of up to 464 kbps and support for streaming video or audio at up to 128 kbps. An ideal mobile satellite communications solution.

Explorer 500 adds high-speed data transmission to phone and fax capabilities via satellite. Particularly useful in remote areas outside terrestrial or cellular coverage, this mobile terminal is an ideal link to the world wherever you are.

Features & Benefits :
* Simultaneous voice and data communications over BGAN
* High-speed data transfer up to 464 kbps
* Seamless global
* Support for streaming IP at 32, 64, 128
* Standard LAN, USB, Bluetooth and phone/ fax
* Easy system setup and operation
* Lightweight, splash and dust proof design
* Robust, reliable and durable design
* Built-in Bluetooth handset charger

The Explorer 500 provides instant access to:
* Phone and fax services
* E-mail servers
* Large file transfers
* Internet browsing
* Videoconferencing and streaming
* Corporate servers via VPN

Info Lebih Lanjut Hub:

Derry Hermansyah
Hp : +62856 926 99812
YM : cs_intech
e-Mail : [email protected]

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