Fire Fighting Truck

Fire Fighting Truck dari GALA Internusa

Oleh: GALA Internusa  29/04/2012
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Fire Fighting Truck FIRE PUMP MORITA ME-5 ( Japan ) Delivery rate 3000 LPM @ 8 bar 1500 LPM @ 20 bar WATER MONITOR Yone TM-2.1/2F ( Japan ) Delivery rate 760 ~ 1400 LPM @ 10 bar CHASSIS MS-3000 Mitsubishi Colt Diesel 125PS, others MS-5000 Mitsubishi FM 517H-Fuso 220PS, others MS-10.000 Mitsubishi FN 517 ML2 (6x2), others CABIN Single cabin / Double cabin Cap 3 - 6 passenger included driver. CAPACITY WATER TANK MS-3000 3000 liter MS-5000 5000 liter MS-10.000 10.000 liter CONTRUCTION Square Tank with baffle system MATERIAL Mild steel with hot deep galvanize finishing. Ascecories : By request Waranty Manufacture Chassis 1 year Waranty Karoseri 1 year

Kata kunci: Alat Pemadam Kebakaran, alat perlindungan kebakaran, Pemadam Kebakaran, Peralatan kemanan, sistem dan layanan