Aquafast Floating Pump

Aquafast Floating Pump dari GALA Internusa

Oleh: GALA Internusa  29/04/2012
Kata kunci: pompa, Peralatan kemanan, sistem dan layanan, Pemadam Kebakaran

Fire protection using water from water sources such as swimming pools, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc... balling out, fast tanker refills. Evacuation ofcontaminated water. Description : Portable, Floating, self-priming, 4-stroke pump. Aluminium alloy pump. Filter and anti-vibration feet included. Floater made with high-density, unsinkable, polyurethane foam. Characteristic : No aspiration tube or priming device required. The floater is required for depths above 15 cm. Salt water resistant and will admit, heavily loaded water. Easy to handle. (A single person can transport it safely ) Model 6HP Performance Ratings Delivery ( liter/min ) 1180 - 0 Pressure ( bar ) 990 - 0.5 (ex. 700-0 means : max delivery at no lift ) 820 - 1.0 550 - 1.5 0 - 2.5 Priming time in seconds 2" Minimum depth of operation 2 cm Can run dry yes Detachable float yes 4 stroke engine Kawasaki Fuel tank capacity ( liter ) 2 Running time without refuelling (minutes) 60' Discharge outlet 2.1/2" Weight ( kg ) 26

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