jual telepon satelit pasti dengan harga terjangkau chris contac

jual telepon satelit pasti dengan harga terjangkau chris contac dari CHRISTIAN BAPOEL

Oleh: CHRISTIAN BAPOEL  07/12/2011
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CV.AURELINDO CALL: 021-3321,3132 DEALER RESMI SATELLITE & GPS @ JUAL BELI & SERVICE @ - JUAL TELEPON SATELLITE PASTI FR 190, BYRU MARINE, R190 - PASTI TELUM ( WARTEL ) PDPT PASTI is a fixed application of satellite-based telecommunication service provided by PSN using ACeS system. Using Garuda-1 satellite it's possible for you to enjoy telecommunication service at an affordable tariff. PASTI means certainly, a fixed application of stellite-based telecommunication service with all the benefits you can expect from its simple product and service concept. PASTI is so easy to get, quick and simple to install. PASTI for everyone, anywhere, -PASTI Voucher & Tariff Grace Period Rp. 50.000 30 days 360 days Rp. 100.000 60 days 360 days Rp. 200.000 90 days 360 days Rp. 500.000 180 days 360 days Rp. 1.000.000* 60 days 360 days -SEGERA HUBUNGI KAMI ATAU DATANG LANGSUNG. AURELINDO Roxy Square lantai GROUND Blok.B7 No.5 Jl.kyai tapa No.1 Grogol - Jakarta Barat 11440 tlp.: 021-3321.3132 fax : 021-5698.2164 Hp : 0852.1333.8880 Contac Person : ADE CHRISTIAN YM : christian_bpl web : http://WWw.aurelindo.com email : aurelindo69@yahoo.com

Kata kunci: telepon satelit


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