Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Oleh: CAHAYABLAST - CPR  02/05/2010
Kata kunci: SandBlasting, Surface Preparation, ABRASIVE BLASTING

Stainless Steel Cut Wire or Stainless blast is used where there are unwanted remnants in the blasted composed or when a glossy surface is needed. Abrasive goods do not leave rust or metal remnants on the operated material. Stainless blast is used on magnesium, aluminum, nickel & chrome, together with compounded metals and other non metal parts.


Kata kunci: ABRASIVE BLASTING, Blasting Machine, Cut Wire, Pressure Blast Cabinet, SandBlasting, Shot Blast Machine, shot peening, Sinto, Stainless Steel Ball, Stainless Steel Blasting, Stainless Steel Cut Wire, Stainless Steel Shot, Surface Preparation,