Aluminium Oxide

Oleh: CAHAYABLAST - CPR  02/05/2010
Kata kunci: SandBlasting, ABRASIVE BLASTING, Aluminium Oxide

This sharp angular is the second mineral other diamond. It is fast cutting and does not contain free silica. It give a matt finish or produce anchor “tooth” patterns on most metal surface and can be us economically in a closed system environment.

Applications :

The range of application is limitless-the removal of sand from casting: surface preparation prior to enameling, plating or bonding, etching, descaling, deburing,  cleaning moulds, glass carvings and decorative works in glass industry.



Kata kunci: ABRASIVE BLASTING, Aluminium Oxide, Blast Cabinet Machine, Blast Room, Blasting Pot, Pressure Blast Cabinet, SandBlasting, shot peening,