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SOftware Produksi Pabrik dari ALFIANSOFT  TECH.

Oleh: ALFIANSOFT TECH.  27/07/2010
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1. MANUFACTURING SOFTWARE : ( Software Sistem PPIC Produksi )

Software ini bisa digunakan utk pabrik yang bergerak dibidang : Job Order, Mixed Order,Discrete Manufacturing
make to order, make to stock dan jenis produksi lainnya.
sudah dilengkapi dgn modul-modul :

A. Distribution System, suatu system yang mengatur barang / DO finish good.

- Master Data ( customer, supplier, Unit 0f measure,TAX, Exchange Rate ( Kurs ) dll )
- Inventory Master ( Raw Material, Finish Good, Sub Component, dll )
- Sales Order ( Quotation, SO, SHipment ) s/d Invoice  bisa partial shipment
- Purchase Order , PO Receipt, s/d Voucher payment ..bisa partial receipt.
- Interface to Financial system ( AP, AR, GL )
- Security level user  dan modul trading lainnya.

B. Manufacturing System, Suatu system yg mengatur rencana produksi s/d proses produksi finish good.

- BOM / bill of Material, multi level BOM, BOM Cost estimate
- MRP / MPS  ...PPIC / prod plan.
- Shop Floor COntrol, kontrol proses produksi
- Manufacturing Order , pembukaan suatu work order ( by forecast, SO , make to stock etc )
- Issue Material : Pemakaian material, Retur material , reject dll
- Overhead dan labour transaction ( Machine cost, EMployee Cost dan other cost centre factory )
- Inventory FG posting ( proses penerimaan finish good ...otomatis update ke inventory stock )
- Manufacturing COst ( Estimasi , Real cost and Variance Cost )
- Reports

Kata kunci: Software Produksi