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Name: GSM GPS Vehicle Tracking System-GP2000 Main Function: GSM Alarm, GPS Locating Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz Introduction: A simple but powerful Tracker GP2000 is the complete new and unique way to track and guard your assets. It combines mobile technology (GSM) with satellite (GPS) and can operate and control vehicles easily with any mobile phone by SMS anywhere in the word at anytime. Its functions of locating, tracking, control and anti-robbery apply all kinds of vehicles. Main Features Remote locating and tracking the vehicle by SMS Remote real-time and set time tracking No monthly service charge to be paid Can make calls to the preset phone for monitor the sound Inside Of the car remotely SOS function to summon help to exact location/place Remote control the vehicle by disable engine command Over speed alarm available Two user defined functions Three authorized phone number for SOS alert Back-up battery in unit and power disconnected alert Monitor sound inside of the car remotely III Detailed functions ·GPS Position Tracking Function With this function, the car owner will be able to know the latitude, longitude, speed and ACC status of the vehicle anytime in any place. He can also get the real time or set interval report tracking, then enter the coordinator into www.maps.google.com to locate the accurate position of the car. ·Car Monitor Function You can preset a center phone number with your mobile phone by the relevant command and if you trigger this function, the terminal in the vehicle will call the preset center phone number, and the receiver can monitor the sound inside of the car. ·SOS Call Function When the driver of the vehicle presses the SOS button, Vstar GP2000 will immediately to send SMS message to the three authorized phone numbers with SOS, coordinate, speed and ACC status of the vehicle. The SOS alert receiver can select monitor the sound inside of the car or disable the engine, or help the driver according to the location in the map. ·Over speed alert User can preset the velocity of the vehicle as his request. In case that the vehicle exceed the preset velocity, the over speed alert will be sent the center phone number and authorized phone numbers. ·Three sets of SOS call function This product has a calling list containing 3 sets phone number to be notified for SOS call. The owner of the vehicle can set the SOS help phone call numbers according to his or her needs. ·Power disconnect alert data In case the vehicle is outside GSM coverage area, Vstar GP2000 will store up until it is connected to the GSM network. In case the power of vehicle is disconnected illegally, the center phone number and three authorized phone numbers will receive the power disconnected alert. IV Technical specification: Main unit parameter: Working voltage: 9~32V/DC Power anti-RC peculiarity:?80V Working state: DC 12V(?110 mA Standby state: DC 12V(?45mA Dimension of main unit:85*52*26 mm Weight: 0.16 kg GPS parameter: Receiver board structure: Car model 24 channel Positional accuracy: <10m(95%) Cool start time?<48s Warm start time: <38s Hot start time: <8s Working temperature: -12??65? Working humidity:5%~95% Storage temperature:?25???75? GSM frequency: 900MHz/1800MHz 850MHz/1900MHz (optional) V Accessories: One main unit, one GPS antenna, one GSM antenna, One microphone, one relay, one 2PIN cable, one 6PIN cable, one manual.

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