GSM+GPS Car Alarm System with GPS Vehicle Tracking Functions-G118V

Oleh: VSTAR Hi-Tech GSM Home Alarm System  18/05/2010
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Name: GSM GPS Vehicle Alarm System-G118V Main Function: GSM Alarm, GPS Locating Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz Introduction Model G118V is our most advanced Auto Alarm and tracking system. It's a GSM Auto Anti-theft and Vehicle Security System and powerful GPS tracking devices. You can receive alert notifications, remotely disable vehicle ignition system and ask for SOS help from anywhere. It also allows you to located and control in real-time anywhere in the word at anytime. It integrated the two ways alarm system like our other alarm models, hand free phone call, GPS location and tracking and Enable/disable Remote start. I. Function and Feature GPS location and tracking Locating and tracking by telephone, mobile SMS or PC. Very clear satellite image view. No distance limited/ GSM network Remote start engine Alarm to phone; report the detail situation of the car Control cars by phone: Arm/disarm, enable/disable the engine, etc. Phone number reporting Vehicle owner identifying, refuse strange phone number Listening in and hand free phone call Simple friendly voice menu Four telephone numbers: Two for warning and control; two for emergency Trigger Sensor including the normal style car alarm. Remote controller usage as normal: arm/disarm, car searching, silently arm, Trunk release Anti-hijacking: Sensitivity of shock sensor adjustable System power off alarming Alarm memory recall GSM frequency: 850MHZ/1900MHZ,900MHZ/1800MHZ (optional) Door detect Automatic central locking system Emergency help Compatible with any cars No GSM network alert II. Index Parameter 1> Main unit: Size:145mm*104mm*36mm Working voltage: 12V Static current: 40mA~60mA Cover scope: same as GSM Alarming time: alarm until disarm or answer the phone which receive signals 2> Output voltage for controlling Stop engine voltage: 0V Control fuel voltage: 0V Control loudspeaker voltage: 12V 3> Input voltage Door check voltage: 0V Key check voltage: 12V Break check voltage: 12V 4> Remote controller Working voltage: +12V(A27 12V dry battery) Working frequency: 400MHz-433MHz Distance for controlling: 20-100meter Static current: 0mA 5> Working temperature Main unit: Storage temperature: -30?~+85? Working temperature: -20?~+75? Working humidity: 25%~95% Accessories: Storage Temperature: -40?~+100? Working temperature: -20?~+75? Working humidity: 25%~95%

Kata kunci: Alarm

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