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Oleh: PT. TUNAS WIRAJAYA  02/05/2012
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We provide explosion proof products :

1. Explosion proof lighting

2. Explosion Proof Floodlight : 150,
250, 400, and 500 Watt with : metal halide, HPS, mercury

2. Explosion proof plugs and sockets 16A, 32A, 63A one phase or three phase

3. Explosion proof junction box in Alumunium or stainless steel.

4. Explosion proof motor start delta for panels

5. Explosion proof PushButton

6. Explosion Proof Hand Lamp

7. Explosion Proof Flashlight ( senter explosion proof)

8. Explosion Proof Worklight

9. Explosion Proof Portable Load Center

10. Explosion Proof AC ( Air Conditioner)

11. Explosion Proof Cable Glands

12. Explosion Proof Axial Fans ( Blower Explosion Proof)

13. Explosion Proof Switch ( Saklar Explosion Proof)

14. Explosion Proof TL 2x36 Watt

15. Explosion Proof Hand Lamp

2. Medium Voltage Products :

- ABB Safeplus_ Fully Gas Insulated Switchgear 24 kV

- ABB Uniswitch_ Air Insulated Cubicle 24 kV

- ABB Fuse Cutout

- ABB Arrester

- ABB Sectos_ Load Break Switch

- ABB REF610_ Protection Relay
- ABB OVR3_ Outdoor Vacuum Recloser
- ABB Autolink_ Automatic Sectionalizer

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