Oleh: Inc Logistics  28/03/2011
Kata kunci: Freight Forwarder, sea freight

As a licensed bonded warehouse, dutiable goods are stored free from payment of import duty. Duty is only paid when the goods are cleared from warehouse.
Movement of goods in and out of bonded warehouse is under the direct supervision of customs and excise department officers who are stationed at the warehouse. This facilitates smooth operations and expedites prompt clearance from warehouse. It assures minimum delays and avoids any inconvenience.

The advantages of using bonded warehouse:
Ease-out cash flow.

Ease congestion at the port.

Develop local wholesales business.

Facilitate the growth of entreport trade.

Encourage bulk import to reduce cost.

Duty-free clearance on exempted goods.

24 hours security with professional guards on duty.

Duty-free storage and consequent saving on interest charges

Import which proves unacceptable to the local markets can be re-exported without
incurring duties.

Transfer from bond to bond or gazette and duty exempted items to free industrial
zones will be via customs.

International freight forwarders can achieve a faster turn-about in containers as
our personnel can process their clearance with minimum delay.

Kata kunci: Freight Forwarder, sea freight