Pro-Thaksin party claims it will abolish Thai capital control after it forms the government

Oleh: Indonesia Doorlopend Krediet  26/12/2007
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Pro-Thaksin party claims it will abolish Thai capital control after it forms the government BANGKOK (AP): The political party representing theinterests of deposed Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said Monday it would abolish Thailand's capital controls - if and when it forms a government. In December last year, the central bank implemented a one-year, 30 percent withholding requirement on many types of capital inflows to relieve speculative pressure on the baht. Critics charge that the measure discourages foreign investment. "We will abolish the 30 percent rule," said secretary-general Surapong Suebwonglee of the pro-Thaksin People's Power Party. Surapong made a comment after he said the party has recruited enough other parties to form a coalition government. Foreign investment in Thailand suffered in the wake of the September 2006 coup that ousted Thaksin as prime minister. It has also been hurt by the central bank's capital controls. The pro-Thaksin People's Power Party won 228 seats in Sunday's general election, falling short of an absolute majority in the lower house of parliament. To govern, it needs to join hands with at least one of the other six parties that won seats in the election. PPP secretary-general Surapong Suebwonglee said at a news conference that enough parties had responded to his party's entreaties for an alliance to form a ruling coalition with more than half the house seats. "The PPP will form a government," he said, but without naming its partners.(***)

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