Innov-X Alpha Portable XRF Analyzer Spectrometer

Innov-X Alpha Portable XRF Analyzer Spectrometer dari CV. Sentra Utama

Oleh: CV. Sentra Utama  08/07/2011
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The Innov-X portable XRF analyzer is about the size and shape of a large cordless drill. The base of the handle is broad and flat, serving as a well-balanced stand for the unit. It has a rugged, blue plastic housing with a metal snout covering the working end of the miniature X-Ray tube and PIN diode detector. On top, an HP iPaq computer plugs into the unit for control and results. The entire analyzer weighs 4.5 pounds and is very easy to handle due to the excellent balance. It has a battery life of 4-8 hours depending on usage.

One of the key advantages of the Innov-X analyzer is the miniature X-Ray tube. This is the only X-Ray source used. There are no radioisotopes, which require Federal registration and special paperwork every year. You can pick up the Innov-X any time and carry it anywhere without restrictions. The X-Ray emission levels are very low, and very safe.

Analysis speed can be very quick. You can get results in as little as 10 seconds. The quality of those results depends on the sample content. With short exposure times, the lighter elements have much higher uncertainty levels. Common and heavy metals show up clearly and accurately with short scans. However, the best way to increase accuracy is to increase scan time. The longer you hold the trigger in, the better the results. 30-second scans produce quite good results for most of the middle to heavy elements. A 1-minute scan does a good job on almost all ordinary samples. For the absolute best results, a 3-minute scan is needed. Going beyond 3 minutes is of little or no value. For qualitative detection, sub-minute scans are probably adequate. For quantitative analysis, stick with longer scans.

Using the Innov-X analyzer is quite easy. At startup, the system requires an initial calibration cycle of 45 seconds with a calibration strip clipped onto the working end. After that, the analyzer is ready to go. With a few taps on the iPaq, you choose the analysis method, then point and shoot. Indicator lights on the top and back end of the unit tell you when it is ready and when it is actively emitting X-Rays. For large samples, you just press the end of the unit against the item and pull the trigger. For smaller samples, clear plastic tape is a great way to hold the sample in place over the analyzer window.

Kata kunci: Everything Else Items in High Quality

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