Freight Forwarding by LCT, Tug & Barge

Oleh: PT Lintas Layan Cargo  28/08/2009
Kata kunci: Servis kargo dan pengangkutan, Freight Forwarder, Jasa transpor


We are an Integrated Logistics Services company, domicile in and .

Our services are in the fields of freight forwarding, trucking, custom clearance, warehousing, packing, moving specialist by LCT vessel, tug & barge, turnkey project forwarding and supplies.

We had many experiences in turnkey project forwarding, which may combine all logistics aspects.

Kata kunci: Freight Forwarder, Jasa transpor, Moving Specialist by LCT, Tug & Barge, Pengiriman, Servis kargo dan pengangkutan,