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Oleh: Perochem Indonesia [ Jitu Prima ]  27/10/2009
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A. On Energy Technology

  1. Combustion treatment for fossil, biomass and solid fuel in boilers
  2. Fuel oil treatment in boilers
  3. Air pollution abatement products

B. On Water Treatment Technology

  1. Internal” water treatment for boilers and cooling systems
  2. Oxygen scavenger for package boilers
  3. Condensate corrosion Inhibitor
  4. Antifoam for boilers
  5. Biocide application
  6. Scale/corrosion inhibitor for closed loop cooling
  7. “ON LINE” cleaning treatment for cooling media fouling
  8. Odor, taste and solid control for potable/drinking water
  9. Water test kits

C. On Waste Water Technology

  1. Treatments for odor due to HS and other pollutants in sewage and Industrial wastewater
  2. Chemicals for pH adjustment
  3. Treatments for removing heavy metals from waste water
  4. Solid stabilization treatments
  5. PAC and Polymer treatments for fast coagulation
  6. Pollution prevention and waste treatment consultancy
  7. Waste water test kits

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