Fanless Box PC

Oleh: Abid Supportindo Pratama (ASP)  18/11/2009
Kata kunci: Komputer, Automation, Industrial PC

UNO-3072 series is high-performance Pentium M/Celeron M grade, embedded automation computer with two PCI expansion slots. UNO-3072 features a rugged and field-proven design offering dual power inputs and battery backup SRAM. Different from general industrial PCs, UNO-3072 is more compact and reliable. They are open platforms which can fulfill any demanding requirement from the industrial field, and it is an ideal solution for industrial automation and control. UNO-3072 provide embedded operating system with a pre-configured image that has optimized onboard device drivers, and support Windows XP Embedded to fulfill the toughest requirements for complete functionality and high reliability.

Kata kunci: Automation, Industrial PC, Komputer

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