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Oleh: Sentradaya Group  26/07/2011
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MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED CHARGER FOR TRACTION BATTERIES The RTM/RPM range is available as 400/230 V 50/60 Hz three phase input model and 230 V 50/60 Hz single phase input model. The unit is suited to the recharging needs of lead acid traction batteries.  SPECIFICATIONS WA charging mode, in compliance with curve DIN 41774.Automatic start after an 8 second delay.
Pre-charging mode (1h); detection system ensuring prevention of overcharging.
Proportional gassing.
Pulsed equalising mode (36H).
Thermal protection (RTM).
The system is protected by a 13H security timer.
Microprocessor controlled and multi-voltage pc board.
Charging progress display.


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Kata kunci: battery charger, Charger, nouva