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Oleh: Pramono Irindo Jaya  20/08/2010
Kata kunci: Indonesia, surabaya, sidoarjo

PT. Pramono Irindo Jaya is a button factory aiming to be the complete solution of retail goods, wholesale and close out items for the sewing, crafting, jewelry making and scrapt booking industry.

PT. Pramono Irindo Jaya begun by making good quality of polyester buttons. Soon enought the business grew up. PT. Pramono Irindo Jaya made many new types of buttons such as fancy button, chalk button, pearl button and many more.

PT. Pramono Irindo Jaya realize that it wasn't just enought. So PT. Pramono Irindo Jaya decided to make a breakthrough in button making. Now PT. Pramono Irindo Jaya using support from new European machines to help her producing even better quality buttons.

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