Underwater Construction & Marine Salvage

Underwater Construction & Marine Salvage dari PT. ARKANANTA INDONESIA

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PT. Arkananta Indonesia used to be called the Arkindo, PT. We are one of the commercial diving company located in Surabaya, Indonesia & proud to provide service to our customers with safe, inexpensive, according to the schedule as well as the best specialized in the field of marine & offshore services. Please review our site, www.arkindo.com commitment and learn how Arkindo, PT can provide you with safe and effective service. We provide a one stop services of marine project are Underwater Works, underwater inspection, repair, maintenance, salvage and provide + installation of marine cathodic protection Arkindo, PT can be carried out anywhere & anytime ( 24/ 7) complete to your projects that you are need. With a team of competent strong, efficient management and with a group of trained and professional work staffs, we remained ensured that job undertaken by our company employed manpower, it is being provide safe, correctly, efficiently and promptly. 1. Offshore Services : 1.1 Diving Services, Surface Supplied Air or Mixed Gas Diving 1.2 Underwater Burning, Welding & Cutting 1.3 Drilling Rig Support 1.4 Underwater Measurement – Level I, II, III used MPI, UT Reading, Eddy Current 1.5 Platform, Pipeline And Well Head Inspection, Repair & Maintenance 1.6 Riser Clam Removal and Installation 1.7 Subsea / floating hoses and SBM/ SPM Change out 2. Marine Constructions Services : 2.1 Pipelne / Optic Cable Burial, Plug & Abandonment 2.2 Trenching, sand bagging and burial of pipeline and subsea telecommunication cable 2.3 Platform, jack up and submersible rig Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and recovery 2.4 Dock and Jetty Inspection, Repair, Construction and Rehabilitation 3. Ship Services : 3.1 Underwater In Lieu Of Dry Docking / In Water Survey 3.2 Bow Thrusters, Wheel, Shaft & Bearing Change Out 3.3 Cleaning & Polishing Used Manual Scrap / Hydraulic Brush cut Machine 3.4 Underwater Coating Applications

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Cathodic Protection

Providing & installation marine cathodic protection ( Al & Mg anode)