gum rosin, aspal, kawat bronjong dan terpentin

gum rosin, aspal, kawat bronjong dan terpentin dari CIPTA NIAGA MANDIRI

Oleh: CIPTA NIAGA MANDIRI  19/03/2012
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Gondorukem / gumrosin is the residue of the ditilasi solid pine resin in the form of clear yellow to dark yellow, the main factor that determines the quality of gondorukem is color, and grade point soft dirt, the kind that we provide WW ( White Water) soft point 78-82 C , the color content of impurities WG 0.02% - 0.04% , acid Numbers 160-190, saponification Numbers 170-220, ash content 0.01% - 0.04% . We also provide Turpentine / Pine Gum Turpentine oil is the raw material of manufacture Gondorukem and Turpentine. Tapping the sap of pine trees carried out at 10 to 30 years or until the end of the cycle before the pine trees are cut. The quality of pine resin is determined by the levels of impurities and color. Color white sap that is a good color ( quality A) , whereas the older color because it contains a lot of dirt is the quality of B. Indonesia has made in the standardization of quality that are regrouped gondorukum: Grade: 1. X ( Rex) 2. WW ( White Water) 3. WG ( Window Glass) 4. N ( Nancy) Gondorukem usability, which is known as a layman is a batik-making process and materials for attaching solder or solder. But the fact gondorukem have other uses of high economic value, namely: For paper coating, additive materials, printing inks, industrial tires, electronic insulation, paint, varnish, plastics, soap. shoe polish, ceramic. glue and others. Turpentine / Turpentine Oil Oil of turpentine is distilled / refined pine resin, turpentine oil results must meet certain requirements in quality classification. Heavy type / specification Grafity: 0848-0865 Bias Index / Refractive Index: 1464-1478 Color / Colour: Clear Levels of alpha pinene / Alpha pinene Content: 80-85% Flash Point / Flash Point: 33-38C usefulness of Turpentine Turpentine which was originally known simply as the price is low solvent paints, turpentine turned out of this when further processed to produce the component alpha pinene and beta pinene and a high value industrial raw materials of perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. camphor and disinfectants as well as its usefulness etc.

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