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Oleh: Siegenindo  18/04/2013
Kata kunci: dust collector, Cyclone, Kiln Dry

Siegenindo Air Pollution Control Standing in 1988. Armed with this experience, the company has proved it self to become experts in the fields of engineering, ventilation and Industrial dust control. With modern equipment and highly experienced HR field. We are ready to provide maximum results in the work entrusted to us. Some of the industries that use our services are pharmaceutical, food, beverage, textile, paint, paper, rubber, wood processing, cigarets, ceramic, plastic, feedmill, ceramics, apartments, hotels and restaurants. Our Products: - Fan (axial fan, centrifugal fan, fan ceilling, marine fan, high pressure fan) - Baghouse Filter (pulse jet, reverse, shaker bag filter) - Cyclone Separator (multiclone, single, double cyclone) - Silo (storage tanks, vessel tank, chemical tank, pressure tank) - Dry System (kiln dry, rotary dryer) - Wet Scrubber (ventury) - Air Handling Unit, HVAC, Material Handling - Turbin Ventilator - Impeller (sirocco, blade, backward) - Damper (manual & automatic damper with pneumatic) - Ducting (polyurethane panel, galvanized) Our Services: - Design system, Fabrication, Installation, Maintenance Please contact us if you need a team that is ready technique in 24 hours. We are ready to come in and provide the best solution for every problem in your industry. - Akbar Rasyid - Basuki Martin ENGINEERING : Mobile : 6281.230.999.765 Email : [email protected]

Kata kunci: Cyclone, dust collector, Kiln Dry