General Trading Business.

General Trading Business. dari PT.SAKURA WANARA GEMILANG

Kata kunci: Grneral Trading

PT. SAKURA WANARA GEILANG was estabilished in 2010 as a General Trading Company. present to answer the challenge by the business world is rapidly increasing, which we present to answer this, we are a modern trade as opposed to traditionnal retail shops refers to a full range of sale methods based on marketing techniques: for instance in self-service shops you have no more sales attendants behind a counter, now the customer can touch the articles. The more expensive goods will be ready at hand whereas you’ll have to bend to reach good with less added value for the store.A few articles will be offered at rock bottom prices with much publicity in order to attract as many customers as possible. The display of goods is very important and needs an elaborate know-how. PT.SAKURA WANARA GEMILANG General Trading / Supplier is a company that has the job specification as a provider of industrial goods in the field of Mechanical Tools, Electrical, Technical, Welding Equipment, Safety Equipment, Rubber, Tools etc., also the needs of other industrial goods are in need to support production activities in industry in Indonesia. PT.SAKURA WANARA GEMILANG started operation with by Human Resources that are competent and reliable business partner to answer the needs of PT.SAKURA WANARA GEMILANG work in collaboration with several partners are reliable and proven credibility in providing the needs of industrial goods manufacturing and others industries in Indonesia.

Kata kunci: Grneral Trading



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