Passport Scanner Authenticator CF

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Authenticator CF is a compact full-page reader that is the newest and smallest member of the award winning D SCAN product family. Optimized for use in large and small environments, the biometric identity management solution is cost effective, enabling high-speed data capture from RFID memory chips, such as those used in e-passports, visas and ID cards.
  • Standards-based, full-page, single-step reader
  • Extra-large ID-3 format optical scanning area
  • Full-page scanning capability for high-volume processing environments
  • High resolution reader (475 ppi) handles PDF417 documents
  • Authenticator CF in use worldwide

  • Automatically capturing the optical data of an entire document within a few seconds
  • USB interface that transmits captured data for review and validation
  • Contact Smartcard reader for maximum application comfort
  • Optional features, including high-performance LED UV illumination and D SCAN Extensions software

Kata kunci: Authenticator CF, Passport Scanner,